>Abstinence Men Gossip?

oleh Anef Cinta

>Nickname “gossiper” is
often attached to the
female figure. But what
if it happened to him?
Will look embarrassing
when you hear him
comment on the
sensation of celebrities.
Moreover, it’s no secret
that the Hawalah which
usually caused the most
fond of gossiping about
her boyfriend and his
friends. But, it was not
always the only woman
who likes to gossip after
seeing infotainment
programs, men are too
fond of.
Although not included in
the daily agenda, but
men also feel comforted
by the program event. In
addition to staring at the
beautiful actress, most
men feel the Thrill while
to follow the drama
surrounding the famous
person. Moreover, the
gossip surrounding the
celebrity turns out to be
a conversation starter
with women.
According to psychologist
Tika Bisono, men and
women have
fundamental differences
from seksologis,
psychologically, to
attitude. Therefore, men
tend to use rational
terms, while women rely
more emotional.
“In the end if you prefer
the taste, the more
curiosity towards
everything around him.
While the men are
generally happier with
everything that smells of
logic and knowledge. But
it is possible if there are
any men who like to
know with any
something, “said
psychologist who is close
to the teen world.
Still according to him,
there is an underlying
background of men with
these conditions, namely
internal and external
factors. One cause of
external factor is the
culture within the family
environment, such as
when young he was
always protected by
those very protective
until the proverbial no
privacy. “Because it
makes it a habit to grow
and become a means for
him hanging out,”
explained alma mater’s
School of Psychology,
University of Indonesia.
Generally, men are fond
of gossip that has a
specific community or
even just a small part of
a collection of people.
Yet, fond of gossip was
not merely a negative
connotation, especially
for people who tend to
be quiet.
“With the difficult
conditions and not used
to hang out a lot of talk,
gossip can help people
with these conditions
boldly show off,” said
former popular singer in
the ’80s it.
However, he continued,
excessive gossip too
polished also will have an
impact not good. “We
recommend that you
limit yourself to
excessive gossiping
because they have to
also look at the impact
or backlash from people
who talk about,” added
this unpretentious


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