>Becouse one day

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta Could I turned my feet
When I met with
Can I stand up when you
approached me
Could I met you when
you look at me
Can I keep this feeling
When you looked into my
Can I hold my tears
When I remember
Wherever you scratch
the wound in my life
Because one day we
would meet
Oh God
If the moment comes, I
will strengthen this inner
For I’m not sure, capable
and self Can this
Holding heart Unrest
Anger, hate, pain and
longing in my heart
My God!
I tried my best ‘to shut
the curtain secret love
But really I could not
because he is my true
And now he’s gone from
me Wherever
Although he still keeps a
sense of affection and
love for me
But until whenever me
and him could never be
And please eliminate this
feeling from my heart
I really do not want to
decline into virtual world

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