>Characteristics of Good Curhat Friend

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta Man can not live alone.
Instinctively, humans
need other people as
friends to share stories.
In addition to humans,
God had friends to share
that is not less great.
Everyone needs to vent,
aka sharing. Through the
vent, we have a different
perspective from yourself
to a problem and
“Curhat enrich our
minds. Sometimes, when
we could get from other
people’s point of view,
we say, ‘Yes, yes, it
seems fitting perspective
for me. ” Finally, we can
solve problems that
might be if buried alone,
we have not found a
solution, “explained Dr
Ashwin Kandouw, a
psychiatrist from
Hospital Pondok Indah
after surgery book It’s
Complicated; Friend
Sharing When
Relationships Become
Complex at Kinokuniya
Books, Plaza Senayan,
Jakarta, recently.
Vent, said Dr Ashwin,
have more benefits, if
delivered to the right
people. He presented the
characteristics of the
right people to be friends
“First, foremost, he can
guard our secrets,
appreciate the opinion,
could love a different
perspective from which
we our perspective. If
similar, yes baseball
solutif dong, “he said.
Vent the right to make
friends need the search
process. And when we
find people who make us
comfortable sharing the
story, the search was
“Looking for friends
confide in is the process
of searching as well as
looking for friends. That
we had thought she
could be friends, it was
baseball. In the end we
feel comfortable with
that person. Will see
later, we feel
comfortable with her
story. Importantly, the
input to be beneficial to
us, “he added.
Dr Ashwin said, the
counselor may be
involved if there are
heavy problems resolved
themselves, or also by a
circle terkedat, such as
friends and family vent.
“If it is felt that your
friends can not give
solutions as expected,
professional mungikin
could be an option. Their
flying hours more, they
also had to face various
problems. More solution
options. But baseball was
always right there every
problem, continue to the
counselor, “he advised.
Dr Ashwin also explain
the negative effect of
unusual people vent.
“Pending the problem
because he had baseball
to look the other way to
solve the problem. The
larger, buried, one day
become a problem,
whether sleep
disturbance, anxiety,
depression, all kinds.
could eventually hurt the
soul, the possibility
exists. The process of
each person is different,
depending on the
durability of each person,
“he explained.
Vertical vent
So, what alias vertical
vent prayer that we
prayed to God? Is not
one of good
“That was the best and
most effective because
God will answer. But, the
answer’s not like a
friend. God answers
more to the guidance
that not everyone can
understand. And,
baseball everyone
patient enough to
understand and can
answer, “he said.


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