>Forgive me

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta Wherever they think that
I forget
But in this heart still
aching moan
Therefore withstand the
pain hurts
Want to shout cries of
the heart
For shortness of mind is
not torture me anymore
What this heart
Wherever imprinted
In figure yourself far
away Wherever
Why is a face clearly
I can not describe, with
an abundance of hope
But I saw a face that
Able to write me with an
abundance of love poems
Thank God!
Because Of You
Wherever he sent me
Eternal love for me
Slamanya living with me
And forgive me Lord!
Although there for her
dear Feeling
But be this hard ‘tuk
turned to him
For this heart there is a
Wherever my true love
far away
I also do not want to lose
People who I love ‘tuk to
many times
My ‘not trying’ tuk
forget True Love
Although difficult to deny
my heart


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