>How to Reveal Contents Heart Men

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta It IS not every man can
express his feelings to a
woman. One thing that is
holding the feeling is
that they are afraid that
if his love is not
But do keep love can
solve the problem? The
answer is of course not.
The reason is, women are
also often wait for a
sincere expression
directly from the lips slid
man who admired.
Henny E Wirawan, MHum
Psi, as a psychology
lecturer at the University
of Tarumanegara (Untar)
the Jakarta said the main
factor that causes a man
hard to express feelings
for families that instill
parenting attitude to
their children not to
open to a variety of
things, which eventually
became a habits.
Indeed, in real life is
often found that the
culture of educating
children of each family
are not the same. This
also can affect the
attitude that men are
better known as
aggressive, while women
are more passive.
But it did not fully
accepted. There is
research that says that
the aggressiveness
between men and
women alike, except
when he is outside the
home. This is not an
overstatement, because
men prefer the ratio
compared with emotion.
Furthermore, in the
current study also found
that the Adam also has
an amount equal to the
Eve in expressing
Even so, men still exist
who can not express his
feelings. So there’s
nothing wrong for men
to listen to tips about
your feelings with
maximum results.
First, a man must be
diligent practice verbally
express affection and
love in the form of short
messages or short
message service (SMS).
“To be more effective,
could also be by
contacting the idol of the
heart in the morning and
evening,” he added.
Tips by Henny second is
to show the contents of
the liver to a loved one,
which can be addressed
through greeting cards,
flowers, or other media.
“The men are given the
usual offerings such as
chocolate, flowers, until
the card. Even for men
who have a budget
surplus, can provide a
gift of diamond jewelry.
This luxurious jewelry
can give a deep meaning
for people to give,” he


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