>How Women Select Men

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta Ever have a friend who
likes who you like too?
Or would you suddenly
feel attracted to people
who friend you admire in
the classroom? Naturally.
Apparently, according to
research, that’s the way
women think about men
who liked other people.
According to a study
quoted by Indiana
University, she noticed a
man who noticed by
others. Women do not
just look at what his
friends think about a
male figure, even the
opinions of strangers
once did will be a
consideration in like a
male figure. This is called
“cheating mate choice”,
and this often occurs in
other species, especially
fish and birds.
In an explanation, Skylar
Place, led the study says,
“People are not in a
vacuum bottle. We have
evolved mechanisms,
which makes us take
advantage of the
information we can from
the environment.”
This study included 40
men and 40 women. All
were students of Indiana
University, who asked to
watch a video
impressions from the
interaction of speed
dating sessions focusing
on a few pairs of men
and women who are
dating mini for a few
After the impressions of
each pair, respondents
were asked to tick the
box that says if if they
would meet again with
the last (of the opposite
sex). The study authors
say, this mini-dates the
play turned out to be a
realistic example of how
women choose their
partner. Respondents
were asked to rate the
ratings success dating
from each partner, and
the researchers
examined how the
participants wanted to
be involved in a romantic
relationship with an
individual who is in it.
The male respondents in
general to be interested
in the woman on the
video and will grow
interested if the man in
the video also looks
interested in the woman
(especially if the man
considered to have
attractive qualities as
So whatever happened to
the female respondents
seemed more attracted
to a man if the woman is
in the video looks
interested (unlike men).
Interest in men also will
decrease if the woman in
the video did not appear
interested in him.
Therefore, the
conclusion, the opinion of
someone who is alien to
the women also would
affect the assessment. Of
course women will think
about what the opinions
of family and friends
about the right partner
for him. However,
uniquely, for women,
consciously or not, the
opinion of strangers also
have an influence.


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