>I feel this

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta Step stops when the
heart begins to melt
because of missed …
Stare at the sun, because
today everything must
Hold my finger, because
we may not go back to
the period of this …
Hug me this, because
really … I want ..
My first touch your color,
while the heart is barren,
full of dust ….
Stir just as Oasis who
desire to share their
dreams .. Love you bring
me a present ..
You make me down,
reflect, and stare deep
into your beautiful eyes
.. Really, I have been
drowned and washed
away in a sea of
forbidden love this ..
When I closed my eyes,
having the desire to take
you far into my life
When I assured this heart
that you are able to
survive with all current
state I
There’s always
something that compels
me to think back to go
Until this point, I have to
answer … why my heart
is often uncertain
Honestly …. from the
deepest depths of my
heart .. I say …
I love you … … I love
you … I will always miss
you … ..
With all the advantages
and disadvantages do
you have
Up to make you hate me
because I feel this …


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