>Long-lasting Relationship

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta Many factors can make a
lasting love affair. Here
are six secrets to a
lasting relationship.
Relationship is usually
always have conditions
changed over the years.
Recognizing how our
parents could stand to
love each partner for
decades, certainly makes
you wonder how to get
through it? Here are
some tips that quoted by
the Times of India:
1. Be independent
Of course you love your
partner. But you should
not always rely on your
partner to deal with
2. If you’re wrong, admit
Affirming that you are
always right is an act
that is simply not true.
Brave enough to admit
that you are not always
true, is always the best
way to make
relationships last.
3. Thank couples as it is
Nobody is perfect. Some
of us are careless. Some
of us are often late,
some are too obsessive
compulsive about many
things. You just have to
accept people with what
they are.
4. Do not talk any
Although the central
argument, but choose
words wisely. This applies
to every relationship.
Any word can hurt
people, and you should
exercise caution when
were debating with him.
5. Always be honest
This is a basic
requirement for any
relationship to survive in
the story of his love. You
just have to trust your
spouse and let him
believe that they can
trust you.
6. Talk about your
problems with your
Sit down with your
spouse and talk privately
about what is bothering
you. This will strengthen
the relationship and
make you through the
ups and downs with him.


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