>My way

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta
Is this my way
Fate must arrived
Destiny that you wrote
for me
I was once dissolved in
Collapsed in pain
Wherever You send her
for me ‘tuk comes
accompanied my life
But ntah why sometimes
I feel bored
When the body away only
the spoken word piece
Unable to fill the heart
that is implied
Unconsciously I look
back, just look
Able to make me smile
Remembering the past is
so beautiful
No power of water
dripping down my cheeks
O Allah Forgive me
I’m just a human being
What I want to note with
affection a million
To be able to forget me
Wherever he was out of
O Allah Forgive me
I really could not erase
the memories of my life
Wherever I’m sorry
because I cheated on the
love that you send me
Betrayed this heart that
is difficult ‘tuk divided
Although this ring is now
my sweet hand
Wherever this circular
But really when I close
with your love
I felt it vibrating
Shakes are ever present
in me
O Allah! Is this my way
I have to travel Fate
Destiny that you wrote
for me
One begged on thy
Make this heart to only
For the love that you
send to me
Because now he’s fiancee
Forever not you live
with me
Until the end of my time


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