>Timeless Story

oleh Anef Cinta

>anef cinta you’re an angel ..
White winged beautiful ..
Give bright light
Which diminish the
darkness ..
the roar of the lonely
soul ..
Banish you with love ..
Immeasurably precious ..
You love me ..
a story ..
I write with a pen ..
about us ..
In a poem of love ..
Timeless yourself in my
heart ..
Because of everlasting
love in life ..
Never fall ..
Although timeless ..
you never no ..
Because I could not ..
Losing loved ones ..
Really could not care ..
God there ..
Give me time for him ..
Give me time with him ..
Because life and my
death just for him ..
And if you split up ..
Do not let him suffer ..
Because true love is ..
Seeing the beloved
happy ..


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